Haji Hamid Ahmadzai

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!

Welcome to Bright Water Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Company, on behalf our team I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my company.
Bright Water invested millions of Afghanis in communities annually through different programs and events. We (Bright Water) understand that community investment is a necessary component of a sustainable business and its subsequent growth and recognizes that corporations can utilize unique resources, including the expertise of our employees through volunteerism, to positively impact societal problems and issues. We continued to inspire and challenge leaders in the private and public sector to find innovative ways to fulfil unmet community needs and to lead the way towards better management of business and societal strategies and policies. Through our convening power, a focus on measurement, and the extensive resources we provide to customers, employees, investors, nonprofits organizations, governments, and other businesses.
We provide thought leadership in the field through our recognized events and forward-looking research reports in the time of economic volatility and uncertainty. Today’s business leaders are keenly aware of the heightened needs in their communities around the world. Bright Water encourages corporate CEOs to think carefully about the societal issues that will affect their companies in the next decade, and to proactively engage in addressing those issues, in collaboration with customers, employees, investors, nonprofits organizations, governments, and other businesses. To develop, grow, struggle to achieve perfection through advanced technology and utilize all its resources in order to ensure long lasting customer satisfaction are the objectives of Bright Water. Thanks to reliable, strong, easily accessible and easy-to-use products and perfect after sale support, Bright Water achieves its target perfection. Bright Water is ready to achieve its goals and objectives through regular investments in communities by implementing various mechanisms and Technics.

I am looking forward to working close with your organization on a long term basis.

Hamid Ahmadzai